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Let’s fully leverage the potential of strong design and build better, more resilient and innovative businesses. 

Everything man-made (physical and digital) somebody somewhere thought of and took conscious decisions on how it’s going to function, look and interact with humans—design has an immense power to shape the everyday. 

Design is a powerful driving force behind business and culture, way too often mistaken and undervalued as ‘the looks’ only while its strategic implementation is proven to bring unprecedented benefits. 

Who are the innovators?

Wade In The Water

In recent weeks the Wade in the Water project has wrapped up, supported by a unique and innovative app combining location-triggered content with advanced indoor location technology. My pleasure was to lead the design for the project commissioned by an artist John Duckworth (Charleston, USA) and managed by ECHOES.

The ‘Wade In The Water’ app was designed to discourage users from tinkering with the device and fully focus on the meditative experience of the space and sound. The app serves as a mere intermediary and a humble tool–only asking for attention when something doesn’t work as it should.

The app utilises cutting-edge indoor location technology to sense the listener’s exact position within the space and trigger sound ‘placed’ in that location. For the listener, no extra equipment is needed apart from a standard smartphone.

NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon

We joined the international NASA Space Apps Challenge hackathon (48 hours / 69 Countries / 187 Locations / ~25,000 Participants in 2017). Our team aimed to produce a visualisation of polar sea ice that demonstrates the changes in time and space. SEE ICE should be an interactive web-based tool that gives users a tactile approach to exploring the data.

I tip my hat to my teammates James Penn (Data scientist & Geophysicist) and Adam Peddle (Mathematician & Ocean Engineer) from the University of Exeter for detangling the big data and doing all the backend heavy lifting to get this project off the ground in such a short time.

SEE ICE is open source and available hereIf you feel like it could be useful for you or you have an idea how to take it further from here, please do get in touch!

3d visualisations

Did you know we can create 3d visualisations/CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) for your business? We are preparing a dedicated section providing more information, tips and ideas – coming soon.

Would you like to know more about CGI and how it could benefit you and your project? Why not talk to us today?

CGI, 3d visualisation, render: crystal star, black and white image

Venturefest South West

Way hay is at the Venturefest – see you there on Tuesday the 18th of October?

The Venturefest South West is a showcase of the cutting edge innovation and entrepreneurship coming out of Devon, Cornwall and Somerset. The event will bring hundreds of entrepreneurs and businesses together with innovators and academics to fuse business ideas with novel research and opportunities for funding.

Venturefest South West promises to celebrate the region’s most exciting innovators as well as facilitate new interactions, collaboration and investment.

Venturefest South fest 2016 logo

Creative consulting for velb’

I have partnered with Velb for long-term cooperation. Velb is a manufacturer of refined, fibreglass enforced concrete. Their old-fashioned craftsmanship, precision and attention to detail, combined with high-tech fabrication truly lets the minimalist beauty of my all-time favourite material shine. Whats not to like?

Science Park Exeter

I am now working at the Canopy space (part of Science Park Exeter) – a flourishing community of startups and enterpreneurs located close to Exeter Airport.

Do you fancy a coffee in the garden? Let me know.