The Crayon day care center

Creative direction, Visual identity, Webdesign, Photography


‘The Crayon’ is a public pre-school: it needs to communicate with kids, their parents, the city council, other authorities, and the general public in a natural way. The lack of a visual identity and a basic structure as well as an old and inadequate website made any interaction inefficient and time-consuming on one side and confusing and unclear on the other. Part of the task was to maintain a friendly and open approach in line with the casual atmosphere of the school.

+ Made with Aneta Bendakova (illustrator)


– We created a clear and coherent visual language with the focal point being hand-drawn illustrations. Bold black lines can be altered, adapted and brought to life with coloured pencils, paint and crayons. The logo and all the friendly characters we created, as well as the complementary illustrations can be adopted by each kid, as we now know (after some time in use) the variations are truly endless.
– We built a responsive new website.
– Various print materials are being made throughout the school year.
– An easy-to-apply and fuss-free set of directions to be further used by the pre-school employees was prepared.

Landing page design: complementary illustrations
About us page design: complementary illustrations
For parents design: complementary illustrations
What is important for us design: complementary illustrations
About our day page design: complementary illustrations
How to get here page design