Music Festival Ustek: a new festival of classical music

Creative direction, Visual identity, Photography, Social media


Music Festival Ustek is a young ambitious festival which aspires to bring the top names of classical music to a picturesque medieval town of Ustek in the North Bohemia. The first year brought together the local community  with over 2000 visitors and 200 artists in 7 days. Only few weeks before the start of the event the festival was struggling to find a consistent, easy-to-recognize face.

+ with Marek Zenkl (venue lighting design)


– In the pioneering atmosphere of the premiere year I created (quite literally at the last moment) a consistent visual style to help the visitors and participants to navigate through and enjoy the new experience.
– From posters, programmes, banners and other print materials to planning of the architectural lighting of the venues to an online campaign and social media management, I did that all and enjoyed every bit. The first year was a great success and next years stellar program is surely promising a bright future.