ECHOES: Location-sensitive audio experts

User journeys, UX/UI, Visual style refresh, Creative consulting


ECHOES are experts on geolocation and run a creative platform working with location-sensitive audio. The platform offers powerful creative tools for anybody interested in GPS-triggered audio experiences: a mobile app for creating, organising and publishing content and an online app for discovering existing tours.

The guys at ECHOES are also creating bespoke apps working with geolocation–they are working with individuals, institutions and businesses around the world. A lot of their inspiring projects are rooted in culture: with and for sound artists, experimental work for galleries, museums or location-sensitive audio tours for various purposes.

The old website didn’t communicate the breadth of possibilities that ECHOES brings to life and was a rather confusing experience.


Success for ECHOES hinges on customers being able to understand the possibilities GPS-sensitive audio offers. The main focus of our work was on streamlining the message and talking clearly about what they do. The variety of applications is very wide spanning from city tours, locative digital storytelling, festival guides, museum and gallery walks, treasure hunts, and sound art pieces to smart cities integrations and much more. We strove to make navigation through the website a smooth and logical experience across devices for creators, listeners and customers interested in custom-made apps using geolocations.

Along with a complete content reorganisation and grouping of information in logical blocks to convey the message in an understandable and enjoyable way we worked on a visual style refresh. More branding work is to be done in the future so at this stage we gave the logo, colour scheme and typography a refresh.

Since the overhaul the traffic doubled ( and the response has been overwhelmingly positive. The Way hay/ECHOES cooperation proved to be rather delightful and more work is underway!