Bubblemania: a chain of bubble tea bars

Interior design, branding


Bubblemania is a hugely popular chain of bubble tea bars in the Czech republic, targeting a young audience. The client approached us at the moment when the first bars were running, but there was no coherent branding in place. Full branding was needed, along with design of interiors, merchandise, etc. Some of the bars are typically placed in big shopping centers where a stand-out visual style was the key challenge.

+ Made with Tereza Matyášková (designer), Les kancu (graphic studio), STIMTIM (photographer)


The visual style was created by the graphic studio Les kancu, while we made the interiors – we combined bold black graphics with high-gloss white surfaces and colorful accents. This concept continues to prove especially successful in highly visually-saturated places (e.g. shopping centres) where it stands out with its minimal yet strong visual style.

Bubblemania: team, interior of the main offices
Bubblemania: fan pictures of drinks
Bubblemania: fan pictures of drinks
Bubblemania: interior design
Bubble mania: interior design
Bubblemania: interior design
Bubblemania: interiors of two of the bars
Bubblemania: logo
Bubblemania: 3d mascots study/preliminary works for an animation
Bubblemania: mascots Tapi & Yoka
Bubblemania: interior design, 3d visualisation