Bistro Bonvivan

Concept, Branding, Interior + Exterior design


We have been approached by our clients at the preliminary phase of planning, which is an ideal situation. They came with an idea of modern urban bistro and needed help with positioning and branding, which included wide applications: from the name of the bistro, to style, visual identity, spatial design (both interiors and exteriors) to kick-starting a communication with the community (social media and on-site messaging).

+ Made with Tereza Matyaskova (designer), Les kancu (graphic studio) and Aneta Bendakova (illustrator)


We came up with the name of the bistro and subsequently brought the much-liked Mr. Bonvivan character on scene along with complementary illustrations. Visual identity and interior design concepts were developed for the first bistro and later on adapted for franchising and quick growth (after the successful bistro has been bought by an investor). We started a social media communication for the client which gained a significant traction rapidly.

The complete solution included:
– naming, positioning
– branding and visual identity
– interior, exterior (signage, outdoor spaces)
– furniture and product design
– accessories: hand-painted custom made tiles, custom made and hand-printed textiles, bespoke china, etc.

Bistro Bonvivan: interior
Bistro Bonvivan: Mr.Bonvivan illustration on coffee cup and saucer
Bistro Bonvivan: custom-made, hand painted tiles
Bistro Bonvivan: summer terrace
Bistro Bonvivan: interior
Bistro Bonvivan: interior
Bistro Bonvivan: custom-made, hand painted textile, cushions
Bistro Bonvivan logo BW
Bistro Bonvivan: illustrations of Mr. Bonvivan by Aneta Bendakova
Bistro Bonvivan: menu